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Flat Roofing in Wigan, Bolton, Leigh and Across North West England | Torch-On Felt Roofing System

Are you looking for a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for a flat-roofed structure? At LDM Slate Roofing, we supply and install a 3-layer felt system that has transformed the flat roofing market. The days of old-fashioned bitumen and stone chip systems are long gone, replaced by innovations that achieve more impressive results across the board. With qualities like aesthetic appeal, waterproofing, UV resistance and longevity, torch-on mineral felt makes the perfect choice for extensions, dormers, garages or any other flat roof.

As Leigh-based roofers, we have direct access to locations across the North West. This includes our key service areas of Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Wigan and the Greater Manchester area, as well as Blackburn, Chorley, Lancaster, St Helens and Warrington.

What is a 3-Layer Felt Roofing System?

This flat roofing solution is self-explanatory: it consists of 3 individual layers which our roofers melt-weld to each other and your primed roofing deck. Each layer plays a key role in creating a resilient, weatherproof and attractive roof.

Venting Layer

The first layer we install is a perforated felt membrane. The perforations allow for optimal ventilation. Our onsite team bonds the venting layer to the roofing deck by melting the bitumen on the underside with a gas torch.


The second layer is a sanded underlay. We cut this sheet to size to suit the specific measurements of your roof, ensuring a neat finish. The roofers at LDM Slate Roofing use the gas torch to melt the bitumen side, bonding this layer with the first.

Mineral Cap Sheet

Available in a variety of colours, the final layer dictates the overall aesthetic of your new flat roofing. It’s a fire-rated, polyester-based mineral cap sheet. When bonded to the first two layers, this third sheet maximises durability.

The mineral finish breaks up sunlight as it hits the roof. This not only prevents the bitumen from melting in hot weather, but it also helps to cool temperatures in the room or building below. The mineral cap sheet also resists UV rays, prolonged rain and strong winds.

The Installation

Torch-on mineral felt systems involve a ‘hot application’. This means we use the heat of a naked flame to perform the installation. You can rest assured, our roofers share over 100 years of trade experience and an array of industry-leading credentials. We treat safety at your property with paramount importance.

We lay each sheet in a half-lap system, ensuring any joins in the surface are as far away from each other as possible. Your fully bonded 3-layer flat roofing solution provides a stable, robust and customisable finish. With the appropriate care and maintenance, your roof can last between 10 to 20 years.

computer rendering of a large home with a flat roof

Timber Roof Deck Repair

Whether you prefer 3-layer torch-on felt or EPDM rubber roofing, your flat roof needs a strong, structurally sound timber deck to succeed. As roofers operating out of Leigh, LDM Slate Roofing carries out a full range of roof deck repairs across the North West, from Bolton to Wigan, and Manchester to St Helens. Where needed, we can also remove and replace those beyond repair.

The deck itself is typically a layer of plywood, or similar material, fixed to the joists below. It provides a secure surface on which we lay insulation (if required) and the roof covering.

Your flat roofing deck can suffer damage for several reasons. Water ingress is the most common, but structural movement is also a frequent cause.

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