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Slate and Rubber Roofing in Leigh | Most Common Causes of Roof Damage Experienced by Our Roofers

When was the last time you invested in roof maintenance? Like all reputable roofers, LDM Slate Roofing continually outlines how important it is to maintain your roof. A healthy, cared-for roof not only upholds an attractive aesthetic, but it also performs the role it was designed for, i.e. providing a watertight seal for your Leigh property. In addition, a proactive approach to maintenance helps to avoid major, costly roof repairs while pushing back the date of a full reroofing.

From pitched to flat roofing, our team has an extensive understanding of all roof structures and the market’s leading materials. These include slate, tiled, torch-on felt and rubber roofing.

Having trusted roofers is a great line of defence. But you should also arm yourself with a basic level of roof-related knowledge for added protection. For example, if you know the most common causes of damage, you can pay closer attention when the circumstances arise.

Roof Damage | The Most Common Causes

Extreme Weather Conditions

Unsurprisingly, adverse weather poses a significant risk to pitched and flat roofing. Over the years, rain, snow, hail, ice, extreme heat and strong winds all play their part in damaging your roof.

High winds create uplift pressure, causing tiles and slates on your Leigh property’s roof to loosen. In turn, this exposes the timberwork and insulation underneath. Blustery conditions can also cause debris, including tree branches, to fly about. When on your roof, this debris can damage and dislodge poorly maintained materials, as well as puncturing rubber roofing.

All the above increase the chances of water ingress, which can cause more widespread damage beyond basic roof repairs. As your roofers, LDM Slate Roofing recommends checking your roof before and after extreme weather conditions to avoid the worst situations.

Ageing Roofs

All roofs eventually show their age. While an investment in a superior roofing company, as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs, will maximise your pitched or flat roofing structure, it will inevitably fail eventually. The older it gets, the more susceptible to damage your roof becomes.

An old roof doesn’t need adverse weather to suffer the kind of damage that creates a leak. For example, it may just happen on a relatively non-descript day because a single tile atop your Leigh home finally cracked.

Put simply, the older your roof, the more vigilant you must be to the signs of damage. Check your loft for water after rainfall. Look at your ceilings for watermarks.

If roof repairs represent a false economy, we will advise a full reroof. The roofers at LDM Slate Roofing can also provide advice and guidance on new materials, from slates to EPDM rubber roofing.

Water Damage

Of course, leaks are a symptom of a defective roof. As such, heavy and/or persistent rain itself is a common contributing factor to worsening roof damage. Once your pitched or flat roofing becomes compromised, it will only degrade with time. This is because the elements, particularly rain, will work on the weakness.

This is why you must call LDM Slate Roofing at the first sign of water ingress. Any delay could lead to damp, mould, rot and even structural issues for your entire Leigh property, not just the roof.

Swift roof repairs mean these problems can’t get a foothold. What’s more, they help to preserve the overall condition of your roof for longer.

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