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Pitched and Flat Roofing in Manchester | Slate, Tile and Rubber Roofing: How Changing Weather Affects Your Roof

As a homeowner, you will always have an instinctive reaction during severe weather conditions: how is this affecting my property? Due to its exposed position at the top of your house, these thoughts often focus on the roof. High winds can loosen tiles, torrential rain can cause a leak and cold snaps bring damaging freeze-thaw cycles. However, it’s not only extreme weather that affects pitched and flat roofing. Daily and weekly weather cycles, as well as seasonal changes, cause just as much harm, but over a longer period.

At LDM Slate Roofing, we provide a wide range of services in Greater Manchester, from new rubber roofing installations to all kinds of roof repairs. Our team of in-house roofers share more than 100 years of experience, so we have a deep understanding of how and why roofs deteriorate.

When it comes to prolonging your roof’s lifespan, knowledge plays a key role. The more you know about your pitched or flat roofing, the easier you can spot early signs of damage.

How Hot Conditions Affect Your Roof

UV Rays

If the roof on your Manchester home is unshaded, it has continuous exposure to unfiltered UV rays. Over time, these rays, combined with the heat, dry out your roof. This can cause shrinkage in some roofing materials. Certain wooden structures may also weaken. In less likely worst-case scenarios, your roofing may also experience cracking.

Manufacturers produce modern roofing systems with this in mind. For example, the EPDM rubber roofing our roofers install (Firestone RubberCover) is UV resistant and can elongate by as much as 300%.Old roofs are especially vulnerable to harsh heatwaves, but you can rely on LDM Slate Roofing for all your roof repairs.

Thermal Shock

This situation occurs when temperatures increase above average during the day before suddenly dropping at night. This drastic, short-term swing causes sudden expansion and contraction. Eventually, this process weakens the structural integrity of pitched and flat roofing materials, typically resulting in warping. Metals are especially vulnerable to this.

Rapid Moss Growth

If you fall behind in maintaining your Manchester property’s roof, it’s easier for water to become trapped within aspects of the structure. With high temperatures and sudden bursts of rain, mould and moss grow at a much faster rate. The former can weaken tiled and slate roofing, while the latter forces individual tiles and slates apart.

If you don’t stay ahead of maintenance, and minor roof repairs, you may need to call our roofers to fix major issues sooner rather than later.

How Cold Conditions Affect Your Roof

Persistent Rain

As a property owner in Manchester, we’re sure you’re familiar with the rain. The continuous drops of water naturally take a toll on any roofing material, be it tiled, slate felt or rubber roofing. However, adequate drainage is one of the most effective ways to avoid water damage.

Flat roofing is especially vulnerable to pooling water. When this occurs, the added weight puts strain on localised areas of the structure. This is why the roofers at LDM Slate Roofing integrate the appropriate fall into your roof’s design.

Blocked gutters and broken fascias and soffits also direct rainwater into areas it shouldn’t be. This includes water seeping into the interior loft space or spilling down exterior brickwork.


Unlike rain, snow doesn’t drain easily. It often settles and even compacts into ice. If it doesn’t thaw quickly, this significant weight can pose a risk for old or unmaintained roofs. In most cases, the snow will melt before it causes any damage. But a particularly bitter period could see it stick around for longer. It’s always risky to take matter into your own hands, both for your own safety and your roof’s overall condition.

You can call our roofers for advice, as well as any weather-related roof repairs.

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