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Roof Repairs in Wigan by Time-Served Roofers | From Slate to Rubber Roofing, How to Minimise Damage

From new roofs to ongoing roof repairs, you spend a significant amount of money on your roofing structure over its lifespan. Like any other form of property maintenance for your Wigan home, you want your outlay to stretch as far as possible. But how do you maximise an investment in pitched or flat roofing?

Our roofers excel in a full range of domestic and commercial roofing services. From slate roofing on a family home to rubber roofing at a commercial property, our team uses more than 100 years of shared experience to find the perfect solution.

Having been in the trade as long as we have, we can also offer advice and guidance on how to extend your roof’s lifespan, thereby delaying your need for reroofing.

Below, we have looked at some of the most effective ways to stay ahead of larger scale roofing damage.

How to Avoid Major Roof Repairs

We should note that you can only avoid pitched and flat roofing repair work for so long. Whether you have slate roofing in Wigan or rubber roofing in the surrounding areas, all materials will eventually degrade and fail. Some just last longer than others. Regardless, you will eventually reach a point where small fixes simply aren’t as cost-effective as a reroof. You can rest assured; our roofers can help you in every eventuality.

Stay Proactive

The best way to resolve issues before they develop is to monitor your roof’s condition over time. This involves multiple inspections every year. At a minimum, we recommend 2 annual roof checks, one in the spring following the worst of the winter, and another in autumn to ensure you’re prepared for the next one.

In short, you should look for signs of damage and deterioration. If you can’t perform an inspection with guaranteed safety, our roofers are on hand to perform the checks on your behalf.

Some of the issues to look out for include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Loose or rusting flashing
  • Cracked, slipped or missing tiles
  • Punctures to rubber roofing
  • Significant moss growth
  • Sagging in pitched and flat roofing
  • Crumbled material in gutters

LDM Slate Roofing catches issues at your Wigan property early, helping to control damage and the cost of subsequent roof repairs.

Invest in Easy Fixes

Property maintenance can seem never-ending, so we understand the urge to save a few pounds here and there. Not calling our roofers may do this in the short-term, but it’s not a successful long-term strategy. Rather, it’s a false economy.

Once compromised, your roof’s condition will only worsen. Water causes damage surprisingly quickly, especially in areas that are supposed to stay dry. As such, the simple roof repairs you put off can result in far more serious problems. These include mould, rot and damp issues with roofing timberwork as well as structural integrity issues for your entire property.

The money you saved soon gets swallowed by a much bigger repair bill.

Recognise the Early Signs of a Leak

While yearly pitched and flat roofing inspections help to minimise issues at your Wigan home, they aren’t a guaranteed safety net. Problems can arise year-round. Our roofers recommend familiarising yourself with the common early signs of trouble:

  • Dark water rings on the ceiling
  • Peeling paint on fascias and soffits
  • Water flowing down exterior walls
  • Mould growths on internal walls

Whether you have slate roofing, rubber roofing or any other installation, you can rely on us for complete roof care.

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